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The use of our graphical assets has been analytically proven to increase number installs, session length, and retention by 27%
38 products and 2,478 tasks completed in 2019
More than 50 artists are ready to visualize your game
15 simultaneous projects in development
Vera Velichko is an art director with over 25 years of drawing experience and
over a decade of experience in the video game industry
We are professionally inspired by your projects
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Mechanist Games: We started working with Owl Studio in March 2019, asking them to draw a single location. In the very first task the studio's artists showed us exactly the level of skill that we needed — they picked up the style perfectly, providing the quality that
we expected to see... Our projects use complex, semi-realistic graphics, and we choose artists for our projects very carefully. We do not simply require the highest quality of work, we also need the artist to follow the required style, with all the technical details. Reaching this level requires some serious skills. We quickly established a constant partnership with the studio, commissioning them to produce many locations and backgrounds. The team provides consistently excellent quality work, regardless of the number of people working on the project. We would also like to note that the team not only performs within our descriptions, they also introduce their ideas and vision, and we appreciate that greatly because that vision aligns with ours. We see this as the fundamental basis for a long and productive collaboration. All of the project management work is carried out quickly and accurately and tasks are completed within the agreed time frame, so we are sure of the studio's excellent processes and organization. We continue to work with Owl Studio today, and recommend them as professionals of the highest standard.
Character Art
Realistic location design, created using 3D in our pipeline
Character Art
We have more than 30 projects with stylized character under our belts!
Environment Art
Realistic location design, created using 3D in our pipeline
Environment Art
Stylized location design, such as maps, playing fields and more
Stylized illustrations
We work in the visual style of our clients
UI Design
User interface design, including any necessary animations
Icons: Any visual style, size or specification
Character models, buildings, tiles, and more
Key Art
Logo design, including in-depth research
Key Art
Graphic design, illustration, promotional material, banners, and more
Key Art
Varying arts relevant to the game target audience
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